Courses, walks and talks for 2019

Below are details of my public courses, walks and talks  for 2019

25th February 2019 Derbyshire Mammals (Melbourne)

1st March 2019 Wildlife of Morecambe Bay (Whitwell)

6th March 2019 Historic Naturalists (Spondon)

29th July - 2nd August 2019 An Introduction to British Land Mammals (Slapton Ley, Devon)

23rd-26th August Land Mammal Identification (Preston Montford)

6th-8th September 2019 Mammal Identification Weekend (Malham Tarn, N.Yorks)

TALK Derbyshire Mammals, Past, Present and Future Venue: Assembly Rooms, Melbourne

Photo: Debbie Alston

25th February, 2019.

Cost: £1 (members) £2 (non-members)

In this glimpse into the world of mammals, find out which species we have in Derbyshire, which have been gained and lost in recent years and what could appear or disappear in the years to come

Course provider: Melbourne Civic Society
To book: More information here

TALK The Wildlife of Morecambe Bay Venue: The Square, Whitwell

Photo: Debbie Alston

1st March, 2019.



Course provider: Whitwell Wood Natural History Group
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TALK Historic Naturalists: How They have Shaped our Thinking Today Venue: Village Hall, Spondon

Photo: Debbie Alston

6th March, 2019. 7:30 pm

Cost: £2

Great minds shape the thinking of successive historical periods. In the subject of Biology, many ideas were in conflict with what was generally assumed to be true.

Course provider: Trent and Lower Derwent DWT Group
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COURSE An Introduction to British Land Mammals Venue: FSC, Slapton Ley, Devon

Photo: Debbie Alston

29th July - 2nd August, 2019.

Cost: £460 - £330

A course to introduce you to the wondrous variety of mammals we have in the UK, from shrews and dormice to badgers and otters, deer and bats. You will learn how to identify them by sight, and the tell-tale signs they leave behind as well some recognised survey techniques. Throughout the course you will explore Slapton Ley National Nature Reserve for signs of otters, badgers, small mammals and bats. Some early morning and evening activities are included!.

Course provider: Field Studies Council
To book: More information and booking.

COURSE Land Mammal Identification Venue: FSC, Preston Montford, Shropshire

Photo: Debbie Alston

23rd-26th August.

Cost: £275 - £395

The Land Mammal Identification Course is an exciting opportunity to identify many British mammals through field signs, live-trapping and sightings. The course is practically based with field and laboratory sessions designed to introduce a range of detection and identification skills.

Course provider: Field Studies Council/ Manchester Metropolitan University
To book: Online booking and more information here

COURSE Mammal Identification Weekend Venue: FSC, Malham Tarn, N.Yorks

Photo: Debbie Alston

6th-8th September.

Cost: £264, £234 or £195.

Learn the key distinguishing features of all UK mammal species. Classroom sessions cover the key visual clues to identification, tracks, feeding signs, nests, burrows, sounds, droppings and skeletal identification of over 40 species. There are plenty of opportunities to develop practical skills during six field based sessions focusing on small mammal trapping, field signs, handling small mammals and the analysis of owl pellets. More information here

Course provider: The Mammal Society/ Field Studies Council
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